The situation of Nigerian educational system is still troubled. People believe it needs serious improvement. There are activists who insist on positive changes in this area. We have the ASUU strike update for those who are interested in knowing more. Administration of Academic Staff Union of Universities need to make a final choice on whether the organization will continue to defend its positions in their argument with the federal government or not.

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Is ASUU going on strike? According to unconfirmed reports, representatives of the organization met on the 13th August at a secret location to come to a general solution regarding the ASUU strike 2017. When the journalists requested confirmation from Professor Biodun Ogunyemi, National President of the union, he just invited correspondents to the briefing at Labor House.

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Nevertheless, we found out a bit more about the ASUU strike. The leader of the organization met with the national leaders in Abuja. They collected votes, analyzed the results of the referendum, the first stage of which was held at the local level. The association hopes to continue further negotiations along with the NEC (National Executive Council). So for the update on ASUU Strike, Nigerians are simply hopeful that the issue will be resolved. Read more:

Note that this year, representatives of NEC came to Nasarawa State University in Keffi on 22 and 23 July. During these meetings, issues directly related to the ASUU agreement with FG in 2009, as well as the MoU in 2013 and other significant topics were discussed. It was then decided that they will proceed to the next stage by holding a referendum on local congresses.

Important points According to the report submitted by the National President of the organization, issues considered on the 13th of August included these topics: ● delay in payment of wages and academic benefits; ● lack of licenses for the activities of NUPENCO; ● salary of retired teachers; ● schools for the training of current staff; ● means for the revitalization of public educational establishments. ASUU strike update today shows that the organization is working to achieve the goal for which it has fought so long and hard. Resolving the above-mentioned issues will be better for both teachers and students.


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