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Abuse: A lady brutalized by some Policemen.


A 25-year-old undergraduate of the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, Imo State, Chioma Pius, was allegedly tortured by some men of the Nigerian Police Force attached to the Rivers State police command.

The victim, Chioma Pius, took to her facebook and made a post with some pictures showing the aftermath of the brutality.

Below is an unedited version of her post on her facebook wall. “#policeviolenceandinjusticevictim
Is this fair to humanity?this is recent photographs I just took today 30th day of August 2017. Look at what my fellow human being did to me. Imagine if I didn’t have a jean on .so these is how I would lose my legs for no cause but having body art(tattoo) I thought they swore to protect us not batter us. Am still speechless and shocked just taking a look at what this men did to me . I never dressed indecently.the photograph with my outfit for the day I was vandalized by these police officers is included here. Even if I did does it give these men right to batter me???? We have to realise that these isn’t a religious or ethnicity battle. It’s a call for justice for being humiliated and brutalized. Its unfair considering we have human rights. Please I need justice
Fight for justice.”

See some pictures of her ordeal.

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