28-year-old Kanisha Anthony, who suffered 60% burns throughout most of her body, including her stomach has kept positive not minding her “supposed” scar ridden body.

The “destiny child” was trapped in a fire when she was 4 together with her two brothers who were unfortunate and died in the incident.

Kanisha who was told she could never have children welcomed her third baby around May 2017. Though painful, she defied the odds and chose to endure the extra pain from the pregnancy.

The self-confident Kanisha refused intimidations resulting from the scares as she kept sharing good news about her life. 

Though she gets pains during pregnancy but she still remain resilient. In her last pregnancy this year she said:

No one said this would be easy that’s for sure. Most nights I want to complain and cry myself to sleep because of the pain. *
But then I remember I was once told my body couldn’t handle carrying a child, that my skin wasn’t capable of stretching because of my burns. But God! *
people think I’m crazy for putting myself through this for a third time. But my children are my world and i came to realize when you really want something in life no matter what it is you take a chance. *
You take the hard and painful days. It’s going to hurt you’re going to cry and you’re going to feel like no one understands. But in the end after all your hard work you receive your beautiful gift. Whatever you’re going through today keep pushing it will all be worth it in the end!

Being a good and loving mother and wife, she cares and greatly love her family as seen in the way she goes about her family.

Professing her love for her husband, she said:

Nothing makes me love this man more, then when i see how much he loves our children 😍😍😍 Happy Fathers Day to all the amazing fathers out there😙🎉 #fathersday 

Kanisha got married to her husband Anthony six years ago and their union is blessed with three kids; two boys and a girl.

Here is what she got to say about her husband and their relationship:

Our music choices are different. I’m loud he’s quite. I’m outgoing he’s reserved. I’m from the suburbs he’s from the city. It’s funny how God chose two two totally different people to fall in love. When We met as burn survivors 18 years ago I never would have imagined we’d be where we are today with 3 beautiful children. I’m so thankful for this man!!!

They celebrated seven year anniversary of their marriage around August 2017.

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