US President Donald J Trump is officially overweight with Body Mass Index (BMI) 30.3.

According his physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson, a White House physician who also served Barack Obama, Trump is very healthy, but he advised him to improve his diet and exercise.

“He has a lot of energy and a lot of stamina,” Dr Jackson said of the 71-year-old-president.

According to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, Trump has a BMI of 30.3, making him obese. The CDC has him teetering on the edge of obesity at 29.9.

The president is cognitively sound, Jackson said, after giving Trump an assessment that screens for issues like Alzheimer’s, saying that he believes the president to be mentally ‘sharp.’

Trump’s cognitive assessment came at the president’s request, Jackson told White House reporters during a televised briefing.

He scored a 30/30 on the test, Jackson said, and there was ‘no indication that he has cognitive issues.’

‘He’s very sharp. He’s very articulate when he speaks to me,’ Jackson said.

Trump does not drink alcohol, he confirmed, and does not use tobacco products.

In terms of medications, he continues to take Propecia, for male hair loss, one for Rosacea and a multivitamin.

President Trump had a weight of 239 pounds and a height of 75 inches, Jackson said. That makes him overweight at best or obese by industry standards.

Trump is known to have indulged in McDonalds and other fast food on the campaign trail – but Jackson said he has changed his habits since becoming president.

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