South African president Jacob Zuma, has resigned from being the President of South Africa, after succumbing to a slew of corruption scandals that have drained support from his ruling African National Congress party.

The announcement came after his party, African National Congress, ANC, took the extraordinary step of calling for a no-confidence vote in the 75-year-old on Wednesday, a day after it publicly demanded his resignation. Zuma has been in office for nearly a decade.

Zuma’s resignation leaves his deputy, Cyril Ramaphosa, as the country’s acting leader, and a man now charged with salvaging the legacy of Africa’s most famous liberation movement.

Zuma was once revered as a hero of that movement, who served as a political prisoner alongside Mandela in his youth. But Zuma’s nine years in power, marred by a string of corruption allegations, drove even party loyalists away from the once seemingly indefatigable ANC.

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