Reno Omokri, former aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, has taken to one of the most prominent microblogging social media to register his strong disapproval of the ongoing Nigerian reality TV show Big Brother Nigeria (#BBNaija).

Omokri in a series of tweets frowned at the moral letdown being promoted by show.

According him, Nigeria instead of imitating the western world in science and technology, chose to copy and overtake them in what he called “public indecency”.

He said, “Believe it or not, before 1987, Nigeria had a higher per capita income than China & India, but today, those same nations have left us behind. How did they do it? You see, those nations realized something: if you cannot beat them, join them.

“They realized that they could not beat the West in the field of science and technology and so they decided to join them by imitating them.

“Their imitation game had them sending their citizens to study in the best schools in Europe and America and the vast majority returned home to transfer the knowledge they acquired.

“This technological transfer led them to reverse-engineer products from the West and before long, there was either a Chinese or Indian imitation copy of anything in the West.

“Whereas they were at par with Nigeria per capita income-wise in the ‘80s, China’s per capita income is now over three times that of Nigeria’s.

“However, rather than copying the West and Asia in science and technology, Nigerians prefer to copy and overtake the West in public indecency like #BBNaija where we celebrate youths publicly having intercourse in a toilet.

“When I was a child, only animals had intercourse in the open for all to see. Now I am an adult, Nigerians call people who publicly have intercourse in a toilet, stars!

“Because of a chance to win a N45 million prize, our youths dehumanize themselves. What shall it profit a person to win N45 million and lose their soul?

Omokri argued that the president Buhari led federal government deliberately ignored the show as a ploy to distract the Southern youths from registering with INEC and picking up their voters card.

“And it is not as if the Buhari administration is unconcerned about immorality. President Buhari cares about immorality. Do not forget that his government cancelled a film village project in Kano because they considered it indecent.

“The only reason they allow the highly indecent #BBNaija to continue to air, in my opinion, is because it prevents Southern youths from registering with INEC and picking up their PVCs.

He also accused Buhari of refusing to clamp down on the public indecency in the reality TV Show and going after those who speaks against their misrule.

“The thing is that instead of the Buhari government to monitor and clamp down on the public indecency that is going on in #BBNaija, they are monitoring social media to intimidate those speaking out against their misrule.

Omokri however, wondered if the organizers of the show deliberately sought for most morally bankrupt youths to come for the show.

“Nigeria has lost her innocence and #BBNaija is proof positive of the collapse of the moral fabric of our society.

“So when we have these means of positively projecting Nigeria, why will our millennials prefer to entertain a nation with dirty pornography in a toilet of all places!

“I am ashamed of the housemates of BBNaija. They are not good ambassadors of the Nigerian youth. May we never have a generation who behave like them. What is it Igbo people say when they are disgusted? Tufiakwa!

“I mean, did the organizers deliberately search for the most morally bankrupt youths to spotlight? Is depravity now a virtue?

“Let me end by saying that the housemates of #BBNaija are no stars. They are darkness. They are a blight on the nation, foaming in the mouth their indecency and Nigeria must not celebrate them at all. Not at all.” he said.

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