Vanessa Trump, wife of Donald Trump Jr has filled to divorce the first son of US President Donald Trump, after nearly 13 years of marriage.

Vanessa filed documents Thursday in the Manhattan courts, seeking an uncontested proceeding. That’s a strong sign the couple has already had deliberation of their split, such as child custody and property.

According to reports, there has been speculation long before now that such would occur, because the relationship has been “bad for a while.” It was also gathered that the bone contention is that Vanessa “hates politics and Donald Jr. is on it all the time.”

According to the NY Post, which first reported the split, Vanessa’s been upset about some of her 40-year-old husband’s controversial tweets, most of which defend President Trump and his policies.

Vanessa got a major scare just last month, when she received an envelope with white powder, and a hate letter for Don Jr. that read, in part, “You the family idiot. This is the reason why people hate you. You are getting what you deserve.” The powder turned out to be corn starch, and the sender was eventually arrested.

It was gathered that incident absolutely freaked her out.

They have 5 children together, between the ages of 3 and 10, and got married in 2005.

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