Exodus: 4. 11. And the LORD said unto him, Who hath made man’s mouth? or who maketh the dumb, or deaf, or the seeing, or the blind? have not I the LORD? 12. Now therefore go, and I will be with thy mouth…
I quite often read these verses but it never ministered to me like it did yesterday… The Lord God admitted making both the blind,dumb or deaf…then he promised to be with what he has made.
I understood the verses more when I came across Peter White’s book “the effective pastor”. I read a story of a pastor whose wife was pregnant and gave birth to a down syndrome child, the young pastor would not understand why his first child or even his child will turn out to have chromosomal aberration. he requested to have a talk with a much older pastor in his study, he told the pastor his wife just delivered a down syndrome child and that’s is terrible. the senior pastor waited for a while and asked who made the blind, who made the dumb or the lame…The Lord God made them…let his name be praised.
The young pastor asked him ” where did u get that? he said from God’s word and proceeded to show him. the young pastor thanked the senior pastor and zoomed to the church. meeting the wife,she said honey I have not seen my child, the Dr or nurses have not allowed me see him… the husband said, honey, God has blessed us with a down syndrome child, I don’t know the nature of the blessing but I know its blessing from God. the wife asked him, where did you get that, he said right from God’s word and proceeded to show her Exo4:11.
They both accepted the baby and praised God for it. The next church day,after normal ministration, the pastor said as usually, is there any one here who wants to give him life to Christ, let him come to the altar, he just said that and did not expect much but about three score people came up to the altar. They were nurses and hospital workers or people connected to the hospital, the attitude of the pastor and his wife towards the down syndrome child has brought scores to God.
What is it that you lament and regret over, you have refused to do God’s work because of it,you have questioned the very existence of God like atheists do and have challenged him to remove the hurdle to prove that he is God. You have said, unless he removes it, I will not serve him. But those things are not there as a hindrances but for testimony. he assured you that he will be with you… Moses despite speech impediments led Israel successful, the left-handed Ehud delivered Israel and the poor wretched David became a king. Let it not be said that you have refused to do God’s work or to be happy because you are blind,deaf or dumb or lame…the lord God made them all.
Some are angry because they gave birth to a gender different from what they desire, some are depressed because they have a complexion they don’t desire…the Lord God made them all.
Some are angry because they did not marry rich spouses, some don’t like their car,some don’t even have any…the Lord God made them all…
What should be your interest is in verse 12 of Exo4… Go and I will be with you… That’s the promise of God… he never fails, he did not fail those before you, he will not fail u. just move as he has said, your situation is a testimony loading, your blindness will give God glory, your down syndrome child will be a miracle of the century, that sickness is not unto death, don’t throw in the trowel… the Lord God made them all and will perfect them all…
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