By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze.

Considering the glaring realities of the moment in Nigeria over the vehement resolve of Biafrans that Biafra sovereignty must be restored even under the rain of bullets and bumbs, it has become important to begin to educate Nigerians from the stable of Family Writers Press on how the expected tripod automous nations of Biafra, Oduduwa and Arewa when Nigeria dissolves will better live peaceful as neighbours than co-existing and shedding innocent blood on daily basis. Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the supreme command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (De Great) is by this article making it clear to the remaining Nigerians (Oduduwa & Arewa) and the world at large that a peaceful neighbourhood is better than a warring brotherhood.

As it has become obvious that Biafrans are no more interested in staying in Nigeria as their country, there is no how Nigeria government will secure peace and stability any more in Biafraland in order to enjoy peaceful governance because the willingness of a people with an expected population of 80 million must be intact before you can govern them. But in this case, Biafrans have collectively rejected Nigeria federation and its government and thereby demanding the sovereignty of their territory as soon as possible. Therefore, any attempt to continue ruling Biafrans as a component of Nigeria federation by force must always result to instability and chaotic atmosphere as it is presently in Nigeria.

It is upon this ground that it become necessary to make Nigerians to know that the ugly experience of Nigeria at the moment which is about to be submerged by the torrents of a peaceful yearning of IPOB that Biafra be carved out of Nigeria so that Nigerians will experience peace once again, that was the experience of the defunct Yugoslavia, USSR and Czechslovakia. Except people who may be less than 25 years now, we should remember the days of Yugoslavia crisis which the world has forgotten at the moment because the right thing was done. Immediately Yugoslavia disintegrated and Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Slovenia, Bosnian & Hezegovina went their separate ways, peace returned to that part of Europe. All these new independent states which are the debris of the former Yugoslavia become peaceful sovereign neighbouring nations of each other enjoying mutual peace, respect, stability and bi-lateral or even multi-lateral relations, instead of remaining a warring and conflict-stricken components of One indivisible Yugoslavia. United Nations and European Union also rested from the heated polity which Yugoslavia crisis was then inflicting on Europe and also saved the cost sending relief agencies to Yugoslavia IDPs during the war.

Should Nigeria disintegrate today, it will bring an unprecedented peace, respect, love and tranquility to the people of these 3 expected emerging sovereign nations of Biafra (East), Oduduwa (West) and Arewa (North). All the 3 sovereign nations will define their territorial integrity, laws of their lands, foreign relations and bilateral policies. All these reckless killings and frequent crisis will become a thing of the past. Biafra, Oduduwa and Arewa republic will then identify ways of assisting one another by that time through diplomatic channels in the area of commerce, trades, agriculture, maritime, aviation, even in aspect of defence if any. There will be an unprecedented opportunities for the teaming youths of each sovereign nation because there is no much room to accomodate all of them in One Nigeria. By that time crime and terrorism will reduce to insignificance because many jobless youths are gainfully engaged and employed in their respective nations. Mediocrity, nepotism and quota-system will become a thing of the past because federal character which encourages half-baked university products will be thrown away.

Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu of blessed memory once said “if the struggle for One Nigeria will be to the constant shedding of innocent blood from time to time, let there be no Nigeria”. If what one Nigeria mean is shedding of innocent blood in Biafraland by Nigeria army and police and fulani herdsmen, shedding of blood in Agatu, Southern Kaduna by same fulani herdsmen with reckless impunity, is it not good that we come together and dissolve Nigeria as Yugoslavia was dissolved, so that we will enjoy our lives in our respective ancestrial lands? If we divide Nigeria today, within the next ten years, Arewa republic will be more prosperous than One Nigeria of today in everything such as economy, education, agriculture, ICT because just in 3 years of sovereign Croatia, they win 3rd place in France ’98 World Cup whereas the then remaining Yugoslavia was eliminated in round 16. A sovereign Arewa will end Boko Haram in just one year if they wish but One Nigeria can never end it till eternity. I rest my case!

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