THE Coalition of Niger Delta Agitators has made known its plans to renew attacks on oil installations in the Niger Delta on September 10.

It said,  “Our intelligence department has given us the list of the oil wells owned by the northerners. The northerners have over 90 per cent of the oil wells and the Yoruba have about seven per cent, while the Igbo have about two per cent and the Niger Delta people do not have up to one per cent of the oil wells.

The group also reaffirmed the notice to quit the Niger Delta region given to the Hausas and Yorubas living in the region.

“We are not talking only about the notice to quit the Niger Delta to the Hausa and Yoruba; we are also talking about the Niger Delta Republic. We have seen that the Federal Government is not serious about the Niger Delta issue. Let me make a point here; the Academic Staff Union of Universities is on strike and the government has set up a committee to engage in a dialogue with ASUU.

“This has never happened in the case of the Niger Delta; the Federal Government has never inaugurated a committee to handle the Niger Delta issue. The only language the Federal Government seems to understand is violence. September 10 is the day we will resume attacks (on oil installations). By September 10, which is on Sunday, over 5,000 members of the Niger Delta Coalition of Agitators will shut down no less than over 20 platforms,” the group said.

Similarly, the coalition refuted the claim that it gave the Pan Niger Delta People’s Congress the mandate to withdraw the notice.

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